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discoDSP Phantom 1.2

DiscoDSP Phantom supports up to eight voices and also four operator sets
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The DiscoDSP Phantom v1.2 is a major development in the field of professional audio plug-ins. The DiscoDSP Phantom v1.2 can support up to eight voices and also four operator sets with the phase modulation and frequency modulation. The user is also allowed to set the scaling for the key and velocity.

The initial phase is provided with a free-run support and also the phase modulation self-feedback amount. The program can be tuned in the frequency ratio. There is a built-in octave shift and also an amplitude LFO and AD1SD2R envelope.

Getting into the features, the software has a great set of them provided. There are eight operator routing algorithms in addition to the above mentioned four operation sets. The pitch bend range can be altered by the user. The same applies to the global velocity modulation and amplitude senses.

For detailed sound output operation, there are three types of outputs provided, namely the mono, polyphonic and legato. The resonant filters too are 4-poled and are Lowpass, Hipass, Bandpass and Reject modes. There are built-in stereos for multi effects which are provided with chorus, delay and reverb.

The software even has 256 presets in it and the company provides for the users to receive free updates lifetime.

Luis Sanchez
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  • Three types of outputs provided


  • Complicated user interface
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